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There cannot be any substitute of a well-toned physique. And to achieve that muscles and body strength, one can easily rely on the substance known as Oxymetholone A number of steroids is manufactured using this key substance. One of the popular market names of this substance is OXYMETHOLONE  RP manufactured by ROID PLUS.

Impact of the compound:

The anabolic qualities of this steroid can be easily compared with steroids like Testosterone.  The anabolic quality of this steroid is quite high and this is why it is favored by the bodybuilders as it boosts individual’s strength and helps in bulking up their muscles. It provides a look that depicts their strength and power.

Characteristic of the compound:

If you are looking to improve your muscles and energy level at the same time, you have the best option OXYMETHOLONE  RP. It is one of the strongest elements that are widely used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for its mass building property.

Dosage of administration:

The suggested dosage of this substance is somewhere between 50 to 100mg per day. It can be usually stacked with other substances for even more visible results. The recommended dosage of this steroid depends on the individual’s physical condition and on the purpose. It is not recommended for women use.

Side-effects of the element:

The strong estrogenic impact is certainly one of the biggest drawbacks of this steroid. Every form of steroid comes with its own benefits and negative impacts. Some of the commonly visible effects are bloated face, headache, lower back cramps or pumps, gynecomastia acne

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