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There are many effective steroids used by the bodybuilders but the eminent one of them all is Oxymetholone. This key substance has been manufactured by different companies in different names. One of the most well-known one of them all is OXYMETHOLONE manufactured by IRAN HORMONE has the element as its key ingredient.

Impact of the compound:

When it comes to amazing bodybuilding results, users prefer to go with this one. The effectiveness of this substance is often compared with Testosterone. It is favored among bodybuilders as it boosts individual’s strength and helps in bulking up their muscles. It provides a look that depicts their strength and power.

Athletes use products like this during the off-season. It enhances their performance and keeps them active throughout the year.

Characteristic of the compound:

It is one of the strongest elements that are widely used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for its mass building property. It is one of the rarest forms of the non-aromatizing compound that is highly estrogenic in nature.

Dosage of administration:

The recommended dosage of this steroid depends on the individual’s physical condition and on the purpose. It is not recommended for women use. The standard dosage for men is considered to be between 50-100 mg per day which is usually stacked with other bulking steroids.

Side-effects of the element:

The most common side effect of OXYMETHOLONE is its estrogenic impact on the users. Every form of steroid comes with its own benefits and limitations. Some of the commonly visible effects are bloated face, headache, lower back cramps or pumps, gynecomastia acne.

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