ARIDEX (30 x 1mg) GSL

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Pack: 30 x 1mg tabs
Substance: Anastrozole



If you are looking for buying supplement that will control estrogen level then you must use Aridex (30 x1mg) GSL. It is a very powerful anti estrogen supplement and this supplement is widely used by the steroid users.

Effects of the product

It is seen that Aridex (30 x1mg) GSL that is manufactured by Genshi Labs has many powerful ingredients. This supplement helps steroid users by controlling their estrogen level. Furthermore, this supplement also helps people by treating their breast cancer and poor testosterone level.

Features of Aridex (30 x1mg) GSL

This powerful supplement is also known as Arimidex and the key ingredient of this supplement is Anastrozole. This supplement enhances users’ testosterone level and controls their estrogen. Normally, people use it as a PCT supplement. This supplement is also very useful for the women since they can use it for treating breast cancer.

Proper dosage

Beginners should use 0.5-1 mg every other day but the professional bodybuilders should use 1mg per day up to 14 days. But remember; don’t forget to consult with an expert before using it.

Common side effects

Though it is very useful supplement but still it carries many side effects. Some common health issues of this supplement are headache, high blood pressure, joint pain etc. 

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