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Pack: 1x 2ml oil sachet (100mg/ml)
Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate



The attachment of bodybuilders with steroids has been for many years and many quality steroids is the reason behind that. Plenty anabolic steroids support a better muscle growth within short frame of time. DECA 200 THERAPYOIL GSL is such a medication that encourage exciting muscle growth along with others physical qualities.

The advantageous effects

This effective medication is manufactured by Gen Shi Labs, one of the renowned producers of genuine and real supplements. It is basically used a bulking supplement that provides increased muscle mass with reduced fat. It also prevents water retention into the muscles that helps gaining quality muscles.

Others qualitative attributes

Alongside the muscle gaining attributes, it also helps increased appetite, increased red blood cell counts and enhanced protein synthesis. Other than being popular for helpful performance enhancing steroid product it has some great value in other therapeutic use for many other common people those are burn victims, suffering from breast cancer etc. therefore, it is great to use DECA -200 THERAPYOIL GSL for quality physique.

The dosage

It is important to be precise about the dosage. In order to get the best out of any steroidal supplement, it is very important to follow the exact dosage of this supplement. The recommended dosage for this substance is 200-300 mg on a weekly basis however, it is important to consult with a professional physician for accurate dosage.

The adverse effects

There are a few adverse effects of this product however, those can be avoided by following the appropriate dosage of this supplement. The common side effects include; diarrhea, hair loss, headache, sleeping disorders, acne, chest pain etc. are some of the known adverse effects.

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