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Pack: 1 x 5ml vial (200mg/ml)
Substance: Trenblone A.-Drostanolone P.-Testosterone P. Mix



Among various steroidal compounds and products the stacks consisting of Trenblone A, Drostanolone P and Testosterone P are the popular and most effective. Manufacturers like Roid Plus use these mixture in their product and sell by alternative product names like SHORT MIXE 1000 RP in the market. This produces all genuine effects of all the hormones together.

Effectiveness of this stack:

This mixture through one stack can provide you sincerely powerful anabolic effect whicht is quite well accepted among the bodybuilding community.

·         Bodybuilding benefits: This helps in muscle building and proper strength gains through less amount of water retention.

·         Application in the medical purposes: this stack is applicable for treating of many medical conditions.


Trenblone A, Drostanolone P and Testosterone P are all important substance for performance enhancing and the stack, consists of these three compounds is responsible for many normal body functions, including the development of the genitals, bones, puberty in boys.


The user may take 150-450mg per day. But this is suggested to take according to the recommendation of a professional for effective result.


Oily skin, acne, increase in the growth of body and facial hair, boosting aggression, pattern male baldness, blood clotting, increase in blood pressure etc. are common side-effects that a user has to face in the period of this steroid cycle. 

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