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Pack: 10 x 50mg tabs
Substance: Clomifen citrate



If you are suffering from infertility then don’t waste your time and you must purchase KLOMEN by KOCAK. It is a very powerful form of SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator). Presently, many sports people also use this supplement.

Advantages of KLOMEN

At this present time, sports people use it as a PCT supplement. Actually, this supplement helps them to get rid of from the estrogenic side effects. Furthermore, this supplement has many other positive effects. It prevents women from infertility and helps them to become a mother.

Features of KLOMEN

The chemical name of this supplement is Clomiphene Citrate and they are commonly known as Clomid. Many sports people like athletes and power lifters use this substance after completing their steroid cycle.


People who use this effective substance as a PCT supplement should use 150mg per day. But after a certain week people should use 50mg per day. But for other purposes, people should use it after consulting with an expert.

Side effects of KLOMEN

Though the effects are very gentle but like other chemical supplements, it also has some side effects. And people who use this supplement face some common health issues and those are blurred vision and acne.

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