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Dianabol is the most popular name of steroid among bodybuilding community. The substance Methandrostenolone has some effective muscle bulking features which are used through intaking D-bol pills. Dianabol tablets are sold by the product name of ANABOL 10 by British Dispensary.

How you can get an effective benefit for using this product?


·      Efficiency in packing on large amounts of muscle while

·     used to maintain heavy muscle gains

·      provides energy when low calorie diet is maintained and lack of proper nutrition is experienced due to the diet plan.

·      enhances the muscle tones and helpful for retaining water in the muscles.


ANABOL 10 is an orally applied steroid product. It has an effective substance present in it. Methandrostenolone is derived from mainly testosterone mixture and it has few an anabolic properties and also moderately androgenic. Rapid muscle growth and effective features have made it very popular among the bodybuilders.


Recommended dosage for ANABOL 10 is 25mg to 50mg per day. This cycle may be continued for 7 days to experience the best outcome though beginners must use 10mg to 20mg per day.

Side Effects:

·         Oily skin, acne, additional facial/ body hair and also in some cases baldness can be seen.

·         High blood pressure and toxic liver may happen to be experienced in severe cases.

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