DANABOL 500 Tabs

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Pack: 500 x 10mg tabs
Substance: Methandrostenolone



There are some steroid supplements that are mostly used by any steroid user including bodybuilders. Dianabol happens to be one of such steroids and it is sold by manufacturers through some alternative product names. For instance, DANABOL is released in the market by BODY RESEARCH. It is an oral steroid and quick muscle gains are largely provided by using this product.



·      Heavy muscle gain and energy boosting are one of the most important features of the DANABOL which provides all necessary effects of the substance       Methandrostenolone.

·      Sometimes also used in the cutting cycle for reducing fat.

·      Notable increase of insulin in the bloodstream.

·      It is effective in preventing the body suffering from catabolic stress during a lot of hard work or long period of workout.


·         Orally ingested.

·         Hugely anabolic and derived from testosterone mixture though restrained amount of androgenic effects are present.  

·         Used by bodybuilders for muscle mass and toned muscle gain.

Dosing information:

Use DANABOL 25-50 mg per day and continue till 7 days though the beginners must start off this product intake with taking only 10 mg -20 mg per day.

Side Effects:

From oily skin, acne, additional facial/ body hair baldness can be a usual side effect of this steroid. In serious cases, high blood pressure or liver toxicity is one of the side effects seen when not used properly.

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