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Substance: Methandrostenolone



Those who are looking for absolute bulking features and heavy muscle mass gain can absolutely try taking Dianabol pills. Dianabol is a synthetic form of steroid hormone in which an effective substance Methandrostenolone is actively present. The manufacturer GENSHI LABS sells this product in the market by the product name of DIANABOL GSL. It is an orally applied steroid supplement, heavily used for ultimate strength gain.

How you can get an effective benefit for using this product?

·         Large amount of muscle bulking.

·         Performance enhancement features are experienced by the bodybuilders.

·         Energy booster and unnatural strength provider.

·         Often used as fat reducer and hence used in the cutting cycles.


ANABOL 10 is an orally ingested steroid product. The substance Methandrostenolone is derived form of testosterone mixture. It has few anabolic properties and also it is moderately androgenic. Quick muscle growth and useful features have made it very popular among the bodybuilders.


Though the perfect dosage of this product is usually 25-50 mg per day the dosage for the beginners is 10-20 mg. This dosage should be continued to 7 days properly.

Side Effects:

·         From experiencing oily skin, acne, additional facial/ body hair baldness can be one of the usual side effects.

·         High blood pressure and toxic liver may happen to be experienced when severely affected.

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