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Pack: 30 x 10mg tabs in nut. sachet
Substance: Methandrostenolone



Dianabol pills are the most useful and effective steroid product remained in the muscle bulking steroid family. Manufacturer of steroid supplements like Genshi Labs produces Dianabol pills by the name of DIA-10 NUTRITION GSLIt has some general Dianbol effects and there are some great nutritious features added to it as well.


·         Many users have experienced packing on large amounts of muscle when bulking by following correct nutrition and exercising.

·         It also helps to boost energy when any calorie deficient diet goes on. It provides sufficient energy when you cannot get it because of your diet planning.

·         It is effective in preventing the body suffering from catabolic stress when bodybuilders physically do a lot of hard work.


Is a great product of Dianabol and used orally. From rapid muscle growth and strength gaining features it has become very popular among the bodybuilders. Methandrostenolone substance is also available in injectable forms but most of the bodybuilders prefer to take Dianabol tablets and buy products like DIA-10 NUTRITION GSL.

Dosage for using Dianabol tablets:

Suggested dosage is 25-50 mg per day but beginners must start off taking 10-20mg per day to avoid unnecessary side effects. Continue this intake to 7 days properly and see the benefits soon.

Side Effects:

Other than oily skin, acne, additional facial/ body hair, baldness etc. high blood pressure or liver toxicity can be one of the severe side effects noticed in those who don’t use it with proper dosage or used wrongfully.

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