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One of the most important attributes for bodybuilders is to enhance their skeletal muscle contractions. Numerous bodybuilders gain the feature with rigorous exercise and with the assistance of a supplementary product known as EPHEDRINE that is manufactured by OSEL.

The positive traits of the element

The fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders form the major group of users. They use it for boosting the rate of metabolism and contraction of skeletal muscles. Other than this EPHEDRINE is highly effective in the treatment of asthma.

The key feature of the product

It is a good supplement for losing fat. Its key ingredient is Ephedrine HCL which is a sympathomimetic drug. This product has the efficiency for sympathizing nerves of the sympathetic nervous system that emphasizes reduction of appetite. This finally leads to fat loss.

The appropriate dosage for administration

The dosage depends on the purpose of usage. Certain users regular users believe that a dose of 25-50 mg administered 2-3 times per day is enough for fat loss. It is recommended to consult a doctor for better information about the product.

The side-effects related to it:

The impacts depend on the capability of the user. Some of the common impacts may include shaky hands, insomnia, uneasy feeling, etc. These can be overcome with the passing of time.

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