HALOTESTIN (30 x 5 mg) GSL

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Pack: 30 x 5mg tabs
Substance: Fluoxymesterone



The product has been effectively functioning and helpful among many bodybuilders and athletes. The effective key ingredient of the product HALOTESTIN (30 x 5 mgGSL manufactured by GENSHI LABS is a powerful substance.

The positive effects on the users

·      It helps to push the body through the end of a brutal diet.

·      It contains certain fine conditioning effects

·      It is commonly used as a raw strength element

·      It is also useful in a few cutting cycles

What are its characteristics?

Although it does not have much to do with mass endorsement it is a good cutting product. Its key ingredient is Fluoxymesterone that is mainly used for the treatment of muscle wasting, It provides a quick solution to androgen deficiency in men.

Dosage of the element

HALOTESTIN (30 x 5 mgGSL comes in the form of oral tablets that is to be taken 20mg per day for two weeks by both men and women. Later it is followed by 40mg per day for two weeks for notable results.

Side effects on the users

Some of the common side effects include:

·      Acne

·      Facial hair growth

·      Upset stomach

·      Absence of menstrual periods

The effects could be controlled with proper dose.

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