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Pack: 30 x 5mg tabs in nut. sachet
Substance: Fluoxymesterone



It is the most recognizable product that is highly effectively for the functioning of mass endorsement among bodybuilders and athletes. A number of the sportspersons use the product HAL-5 NUTRITION GSL manufactured by pharmacy Genshi Labs. It is one of the most recognizable brands available in the market.

The positive traits of the element

·      Adding the product into the body by the bodybuilders would help in pushing through the hardest way of the bodybuilding diet.

·      It is popular among athletes for providing the strength of power lifting.

·      The element is boosted just a few weeks prior to the competition day.

·      This is commonly used in certain cutting cycles

The characteristics of the compound:  

It is an extremely strong anabolic compound that contains its key component as fluoxymesterone. It provides lean tissue recovery and prevents malnutrition.

Effective administration for the users

For a notable result, a dose of 20mg per day for two weeks followed by 40mg per day for two weeks is satisfactory. High doses could be followed for a full four weeks without severe damage if the doses are carefully maintained.

The adverse effects of the product:

HAL-5 NUTRITION GSL can cause upset stomach, headache, fluid retention.

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