HALOTESTINE (30 x 5 mg) RP

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Pack: 30 x 30mg tabs
Substance: Fluoxymesterone



The bodybuilders and athletes use a wide range of products for cutting down fat. One of the prioritized products is HALOTESTINE (30 x 5 mg)RP which is manufactured by a renowned pharmacy company ROID PLUS. It is a trusted brand and supplies the best quality of products.

 The positive impacts of the compound

·      It happens to be popular among bodybuilders for bodybuilding purpose

·      It's important effects include strength and aggression among athletes

·      It helps to push through the end of a brutal diet. 

·      The key ingredient fluoxymesterone is a powerful substance.

The important characteristics of the compound

It is one of the most powerful and fast reacting elements in the market. It’s pretty much common among bodybuilders for gaining strength and aggression. Fluoxymesterone is commonly known as Halotestin which is an immensely powerful anabolic androgenic steroid.

Effective administration of the product

For best results, users that include both men and women use HALOTESTINE (30 x 5 mgRP for 20mg per day for two weeks and then it is followed by 40mg per day for two weeks.

Are there any side-effects?

The effects are mild such as hoarseness, absence of menstrual periods, facial hair growth. These are mild reactions hat is curable.

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