HUMULIN-R (10 ml)

Brand: LILLY
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Pack: 1x 10 ml vial (1ml/100 IU)
Substance: Insulin



Diabetes is a common issue with many people at the present day and to get rid of this issue we need an effective medication. Well, now we have HUMULIN-R manufactured by Lilly for treating diabetes effectively.

The effectiveness of this product

The prime effects of insulin in the human body are to help the muscles cells and liver to absorb glucose. That we can have from the foods. The absorbed glucose is able to provide energy or this can be converted in fat whenever needed. It also prevents other various metabolic impacts in the body.

The core attributes of the product

Humulin-R or any other synthetic injectable Insulin is used to control high blood sugar in adults and those children with diabetes mellitus who need to have more than 200 units of insulin in a day. It is also seen that when this medication is combined with others oral supplements, it offers better results.

Perfect administration

There are various opinions about the perfect dosage of Insulin in the body and this is the reason it is absolutely great idea to consult with a physician. More so, the dosage might vary from one individual to another so it is better to seek for professional advice.

The side effects

There are a few concerns noticed by the users like pain, redness or irritation but controlled consumption of HUMULIN-R can eliminate these issues. Few also come across issues like; sweating, nausea, headache, chest pain, rapid breathing etc.

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