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Substance: GHRP-6



Individuals need to maintain a proper growth hormone balance in their body for proper growth and development. A lack of the growth hormone could lead to problems. The market has ample of options available in the form of injectable products. One of the popular elements is manufactured by GENSHI LABS by the name of GHRP-6 GSL.

Advantages of using the product:

·      It is reputed for lowering the body fat

·      A great option for bodybuilders for using as a cutting cycle

·      It is helpful in developing the muscles

·      Users use it for improving the level of stamina

·      It is effective in the recovery process

·      Acts as an anti-inflammatory substance

The characteristics of the compound:

The key characteristic of GHRP-6 is it provides increasing level of Growth Hormone due to its main component of GHRP-6. Other than that it is able to aid fat loss and muscle gain.

Dosage of the product:

For a notable result, a dose of 50-300mcg taken at least twice daily is considered sufficient enough.

Are there any side-effects?

The impacts are mild and include the following:

·      Joint pain, weakening of the bones

·      Headaches, nausea, numb skin

·      Bloating due to water retention

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