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Substance: GHRP-2



GHRP are a host of peptides that reacts on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland of the body. It binds to the growth hormone secretagogue receptors and leads to the emptying of food and stomach. It is available in the market and is manufactured by GENSHI LABS with the product name GHRP-2 GSL.

How is it effective on the users?

·      It improves the energy and vitality,

·      Helpful in protecting and strengthening of the heart.

·      Leads to faster healing of the wound.

·      It increases the production of IGF-1 to as much as 50% more

·      Helps in improving the quality of sleep.

·      It emphasizes the protein synthesis.

·      The product makes the vision and eyesight better.

Functions of the product:

 GHRP-2 GSL contains its prime component as GHRP-2 which stands for Growth hormone releasing peptides that are a well-known synthetic lenomorelin agonist. It provides benefits that include stronger bones, immune system, and faster wound healing.

Appropriate dose for administration:

The doses are to be administered only according to the guidelines of the doctor or else it could bring on severe health conditions.

Certain common side effects:

Increased water retention, easy fatigability, numbness or tingling in the extremities due to overdosing of the product.

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