Brand: IBSA
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Pack: 75 IU
Substance: Human menopozal gonadotropin



Fertility disturbances have been a common issue with many women and in order to overcome from this situation, they use MERIONAL (75 IU) that is manufactured by IBSA. It is an effective product to deal with this problem.

Effects of MERIONAL (75 IU)

Research has found that this substance has quality impacts on infertility. This product helps to stimulate users’ ovaries also helps to produce eggs. This supplement helps to develop eggs in their ovary and also helps to release them successfully. This is the way, this injectable substance helps many women to become a mother.

Characteristics of MERIONAL (75 IU)

MERIONAL (75 IU) by IBSA is a genuine product that contains same amount of FSH and LH. Actually, FSH and LH are kind of supplements that are the made of the urine of post menopausal women.

Effective administration

Since the product has the Human Menopozal Gonadotropin as the key substance, this will be very effective for the suffering women. The recommended dosage is 2-3 ampules of Merional although it is highly suggested to consult with a certified physician about the dosage.

The adverse effects

Like many other steroidal substances MERIONAL also has a very few and negligible side effects but researches say that those can be eliminated with proper usage. Commonly women feel discomfort at abdominal area, headache, mood swing, ovarian cancer etc. are some of the nominal concerns.

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