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Insulin is one of the prime hormones in the human body that has great impacts on the physical growth. This is an anabolic hormone that has several advantageous impacts on different parts of the body. IGF – 1 GSL is an effective medication for this purpose.

The effective features of the product

If you are eyeing for an off season muscle gaining then IGF – 1 is the ideal one, this product is also used by the athletes for the physical recovery purposes. It greatly contributes to anti aging effect. As we get older, IGF-1 production gets slower in the body, resulting in cell reduction.

The general attributes

The artificial form of Insulin hormone is produced synthetically and that is very much beneficial for the human body. It has been well known for an increasing number of cells in the skeletal muscle more so, this artificial hormone is also used for performance enhancement amongst athletes.

The recommended administration process

The right administration process is very important for any synthetic steroidal supplements. IGF – 1 manufactured by Gen Shi Labs is an effective product and the recommended dosage of it is 50-150 mcg 7 days a week right into specific target areas. This will provide the required growth in the target area.

Adverse impacts

Much like many other synthetic steroidal supplements, this product too has some negligible adverse effects like; drowsiness, diziness, inability to concentrate, anxiety, increased appetite etc.

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