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Substance: Testosterone Cypionate



One of the most preferred steroids among the bodybuilders and sports persons is Testosterone. And Testosterone Cypionate is the synthetic version of the parent hormone testosterone. This is an essential hormone in the human body to regulate the normal activities of the body. It is sold with the trade name TEST CYPIONATE 2500 OXY, manufactured by OXYDINE MUSKOLICS.

Effects of this substance:

These steroids are quite popular for its effectiveness. It is extremely effective in the cutting cycle. Along with shedding more fat from your body, this makes the user able to preserve the lean muscles. This is must burn more amount of fat than we consume daily to get the fast cutting effects. 


This Testosterone Cypionate is applied to treat the condition of low testosterone and this is available in the injectable form. This promotes nitrogen retention in the muscles and more nitrogen absorption indicates a harder body definition.

Dosage information:

To eradicate the problem of diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimers and many other serious conditions application of 100 – 200 mg per injection every seven to ten days is the best.

Side-effects of this Testosterone Cypionate:

Being an effective supplement, it carries several side effects:

·         As estrogen level increases, this can lead to the effect of male breast enlargement.

·         Excess water retention.

·         Can raise the blood pressure level.

·         Acne, hair loss, prostate enlargement.

But there are many ways of controlling these side effects. Exact application of the perfect amount can reduce the significance of its side-effects

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