If you are suffering from obesity, then you must use some steroids that will help you to cut your excess fat. It is seen that today, many people suffer from obesity and to reduce their body fat, they use many chemical steroids. If you live in the UK, then you must know that people in this country use varieties cutting steroids and they buy steroids from online. Sources say that, many of them use Winny for achieving a beautiful slim physique. If you don’t know about the effectiveness of this kind of steroids, then you must follow this discussion.

Winny is commonly known as Winstrol, a powerful anabolic androgenic steroid. This kind of steroid is also available in both oral and injectable form. This kind of steroid reduces users’ excess calories, preserves their lean muscles, enhances their bone density, increases their red blood cells and improves their energy level etc. Since this kind of steroid improves users’ performance level so sports people prefer using it mostly. Many people in the UK buy steroids for various purposes and a number of ordinary people use this substance for achieving their desired physique. Some people use this substance only for therapeutic purpose since it is used for treating anaemia, hereditary angioedema etc.

Though unlike other anabolic steroids, it doesn’t carries many side effects but improper use of it may cause of some health issues like headache, insomnia, increased or decreased libido, acne, allergic reactions etc. In order to overcome from these side effects, people should use some PCT steroid. Furthermore, people should use suitable dosage of this steroids. The prescribed dosage of oral Winny is 5-10mgs/day for women and 25-50mgs/day for men and on the other side the recommended dosage of injectable Winny is 20mg every 4 days for women and 50mg every other day to daily for men. So, use this steroid and achieve your desired physique quickly.

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