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Pack: 1x 5ml vial (100mg/ml)
Substance: Trenblone E.-Drostanolone E.-Testosterone E. Mix



Experiencing the advantages of different steroids is possible in some steroidal compounds especially stacks. Mixture of  Trenblone A, Drostanolone P and Testosterone P is the popular and effective steroid product among athletic community and the bodybuilders.  Manufacturer Roid plus sell this steroid product through the product name of LONG MIXE 1750 RP in the market.

Effectiveness of this stack:

Mixture of these three compounds can provide excellent anabolic effects that is quite popular among the bodybuilding community.

This is applicable for strength and muscle building. This regulates the amortization rate and this substance does not retain water. This stack can be recommended to treat even several medical conditions as well.


This stack belongs to a class of anabolic-androgenic group. This has an active life of 2 to 3 days. Trenblone A, Drostanolone P and Testosterone P are all important substance for performance enhancing effects and many normal body functions including the development of the genitals, bones, puberty in men.

Dosage information:

Generally, 350-700 mg in every other day is highly recommended. The user may take 150-450mg per day.

Possible side-effects:

Being an advantageous supplement, some side-effects have been recorded like, oily skin, acne, increase in the growth of body and facial hair, boosting aggression, pattern male baldness, blood clotting, increase in blood pressure etc.

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