When searching for an innovative and fruitful strength gaining supplement the testosterone derivative steroid products are mostly exclusive. They are the most popular among bodybuilding community. The substance present in Dromostanolone is Drostanolone propionate which is derived from one of the strongest testosterone ester. This is supplied by its trade name Masteron, Drostanolone and many people in UK buy such steroids for ultimate strength gain and for improving all body functions. From bodybuilders to athletes everyone uses this steroid product for its strong effects. It is an oil based steroid product which comes in injectable product type in the market.
· It improves physical abilities as well as athletic performance through holding up or maintaining the power and strength and faster restoration.

· Enhancing features in physique structure while building up muscles and losing extra fats from the body.

· This helps in increasing the collagen synthesis and bone mineral content as well. Collagen is naturally a protein-based building material for distinctive connective tissues all over the body (the ligaments, joints, tendons, cartilage, and bones).

· Sharpen the self esteem

· Deeper, manly voice

· It darkens and thickens the body hair and also increases the growth of the hair as well.

· Increasing levels of IGF-1 and MGF hormones and it helps in increasing the muscle growth.

· Hemoglobin is increased and so the red blood cell counts as well.

· It acts as an anti-glucocorticoid and this helps in providing an anti-catabolic effect on muscle tissues.

Like any other injectable steroid Masteron can be injected into any muscle especially if the muscle is big enough. The most popular areas of injecting are buttocks, shoulders and triceps.
As per dosing information 100mg of Masteron is administered three times a week for a total of 300mg per week. Minimum 8 weeks of use is noticed as the duration of Masteron administration.
Like normal testosterone negative effects, it also has some proper side effects like sexual lacks, erection issues and puberty problems etc. However, these issues can be treated well with perfect dosing and doctor’s recommendation.
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