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Pack: 30 x 25mg tabs in nut. sachet
Substance: Methyltestosterone



It is seen that many teenage and young adults from all across the world suffer from delayed puberty. This could be because of many reasons but now there are medications for that. Methyltestosterone GSL is effectively used to treat conditions like delayed puberty or hormonal imbalances that caused from lack of this hormone and also used to treat the women suffering from breast cancer. The key substance is Methyltestosterone which is a methylized testosterone

The advantageous effects of the product

This is a very effective supplement which is manufactured by Gen Shi Labs and Methyltestosterone is now gaining popularity all across the world. Its effective feature is that it is used to replace the hormone testosterone when the body itself is unable to make enough and stimulating puberty. 

The accurate dosage

The appropriate dosage will largely vary as per the individual’s health conditions and it is always recommended to consult with a professional physician about the right dosage. Remember, inappropriate dosage might cause some inappropriate effects on the body.

The adverse effects

The consumers might come across some sort of adverse effects out of using this steroidal supplement but those are very negligible and can be avoided by following proper administration. The users report such adverse effects; nausea, chest pain, headache, hair loss, acne, oily skin, vomiting and etc.

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