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Pack: 12.5 mcg Triiodotironin , 50 mcg Levothyroxin sodium
Substance: Triiodotironin, Levothyroxin sodium



The thyroid hormone has great impacts on the body and it is seen that people have been suffering from the deficiency of this natural hormone. Well, the scarcity can be fulfilled by using BITIRON-T3/T4 mix that is manufactured by ABDI IBRAHIM. The key ingredient of this supplement is Levothyroxin sodium.

The positive impacts of the product

BITIRON-T3/T4 mix is a kind of powerful oral supplement and this substance is used for treating hypothydroidism (Thyroid hormone deficiency). This substance is used for treating radiation treatment, hormonal imbalance, cancer, Thyroid gland enlargement etc. This supplement also acts as a fat burner and helps users to reduce their fat.  

Characteristics of this product

It is the synthetic version of Thyroid hormone. You must know that Thyroid hormone is a kind of human body produce natural hormone and this kind of hormone is released from thyroid gland. But sometimes, thyroid gland cannot produce this hormone properly in this case, victims should take this supplement.

The appropriate dosage

In order to achieve better results people should use suitable dosage of this supplement. This supplement is available in various dosages and people should select the dosage of this supplement according to their age and physical condition.

The probable adverse effects

People who use this supplement regularly face some common side effects like abnormal sweating, diarrhea, sleep difficulties, nausea, trembling, heart palpitation, fever, menstrual changes in women, skin itching, breathing difficulties etc. But it is seen that people who use this supplement as per doctors’ suggestion don’t face these side effects.  

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