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Substance: Orlistat



The problem of obesity is quite common among the people all over the world. And everyone is looking for a suitable solution. Thincal manufactured byKOCAK FARMA is considered to be one of the favorable compounds used for cutting down fat.

Positive effects of using the element:

The key substance of this product is Orlistat. It is widely used by its users for reducing weight. It is taken by a low-calorie diet and helps reduce the risk of regaining weight due to storage of excess fat. It is helpful in inhibiting absorption of dietary fat up to 30%.

Characteristic of the compound:

A number of users buy the substance for removing excess fat from the body. It is the key component of the product THINCAL manufactured by KocakFarma. This element blocks body to absorb a certain proportion of fat from the food we take.

Dosage for administration:

The recommended dosage for the compound is 60mg oral pill thrice a day after every meal. This may be the recommended dosage but this may vary according to individual. So, users are requested to consult with doctors or experts for the best dosage. The right amount of dosage is necessary to stay away from the negative impacts.

Side effects associated:

The prevalent side effects of Thincal include frequent bowel movements, oily evacuation, steatorrhea and oily rectal leakage etc. It has to be noted that the side-effects may differ in different individuals. In fact, several users have adapted the situation. It is worth it for reducing weight and to be in good shape.

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