FEMAREX (30 x 2.5 mg) GSL

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Pack: 30 x 2.5mg tabs
Substance: Letrozole



The number of suffering women from breast cancer is increasing at an alarming state in the entire world. The lack of appropriate medication deprives many from getting the treatment they should. FEMAREX (30 x 2.5 mg), manufactured by Gen Shi Labs is a very effective medication for this purpose.

The advantageous aspects

The key ingredient of this medication is Letrozole and it is a kind of oral supplement that is used as an aromatase inhibitor. Anabolic steroids often influence many estrogenic side effects but FEMAREX (30 x 2.5 mgcontains Letrozole which is why it prevents the estrogenic side effects in the human body.

The others positive attributes

FEMAREX (30 x 2.5 mg) is a kind of oral supplement and this supplement is used for treating breast cancer in women after menopause. Since it is an oral supplement, people can take this supplement orally. This supplement prevents users from gynecomastia, water retention and breast cancer.

The correct administration

Appropriate administration is really important for any substance in order to receive the best results. The recommended dosage for this medication is 2.5mg tablets once a day. Moreover, this could vary as per individual’s health conditions so, it is always suggested to consult a professional physician.

The adverse impacts

The artificial substances often contain some sort of side effects and this medication isn’t different. There are some minor side effects that the users might come across which include; dizziness, vomiting, dark urine, depression, allergic reaction, breathing difficulties, chest pain, cough, fainting, heart palpitation, skin rashes etc.

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