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Substance: Flurosemid



Bodybuilders need to control the level of fluid in their body and for that, they need to use diuretic water. One of the popular products used by most of them is LASIX sold by the renowned manufacturer Aventis. This pill helps to improve the level of salt in the body.

The positive impact of the element:

·      It is used for treating fluid retention in individuals with congestive heart failure

·      It is highly effective in the treatment of liver disease or kidney disorder

·      It is used for the treatment of persons suffering from high blood pressure.

The key features of the product:

The main component of the product is Flurosemid that is used for reducing extra fluid in the body. It is also effective in reducing symptoms such as swelling in the abdomen, arms, and legs. It enhances urination that reduces the harmful amount of salt.

The appropriate dosage for administration

A user should not take more than or even less than the amount recommended by the doctor because both the cases can be harmful and it may cause a great malfunction.

The possible side-effects:

It may include the following effects:

·      Numbness or tingling

·      headache, dizziness;

·      sweet or musty breath odor

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