Whenever we take any health supplement or steroids mainly the after effects are noticed to counteract as most of the steroids do. Some steroids are also there that do not directly help in bodybuilding but provides nutritious elements in the body. Many people buy steroids and use it principally for body building goals and find it the easiest way for heavy gain. Some may experience the after effects which may include some side effects that get sometimes impossible to manage but like many treatments the tamoxifen has some possible effects on improving the conditions. Tamoxifen is a steroid that not only helps the bodybuilders to balance the hormonal effects after the end of a cycle but also is popular for reducing breast cancer. The substance in this steroid is solidly powerful and has some potential effects on every user.
· Once the steroid is stopped from using it helps in balancing the level of androgens and helps the body to regulate normally without any steroid effect. After using this it will help to quickly get back to normal dieting and medication.

· Tamoxifen prevents the actions of estrogen which is a female hormone. Certain types of breast cancer demand the estrogen to grow. This is why it is used to treat some types of breast cancer in men and women both. It is also used for lowering the chances of developing breast cancer in many women especially if she has a high risk of such cancer due to family history.
The use of tamoxifen stays up to 5 years generally.
Though there is different dosing information for different purposes, the most common dosage for tamoxifen is of 15-20mg orally twice a day.
· Numbness, weakness, severe headache,
· Swelling, blood clots in legs,
· Blurred vision, eye pain,
· New breast pump,
· Liver issues- stomach pain, nausea, loss of appetite, dark urine etc.

This kind of side effects can cause severe health problem if not immediately checked up by a doctor or your family physician.
You must know about the proper dosing for your body type before you use tamoxifen for any of your purpose.
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