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Pack: 1x 5ml vial (100mg/ml)
Substance: Methenolone Enanthate



Achieving perfect fit body is one of the major desires of bodybuilders and athletes. It is better to use supplementary product like PRIMO500 GSL for gaining ultimate benefits when wish for a fat free physique. This product is manufactured by GENSHI LABS and the substance in it being Metenolone Enanthate, it provides excessive fat burning and energy supplying benefits to the users.

Advantages of use:

·         Useful in maintaining body fats by causing no harm to the muscle issues.

·         It doesn’t help much in bulking but is effective for burning excess of fat.

·         Energy providing is another beneficial factor of PRIMO 500 GSL and it happens to be one of the best strength provider among the steroid family.


It comes with injectable application and this happens to contain a great fat burning capacity and hence used as a cutting steroid mostly. Both the anabolic and androgenic effects are greatly served through the use of this product.


If you want to gain the best benefit then perfect dosing is absolutely important. Men should take 350-600mg per week and the use of this product is limited to 100mg per week for the women.

Side effects:

·         Hair loss, acne, lack of body hair growth etc.

·         Increased libido, suppression of testosterone production can be experienced in severe side effect.

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