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When it is about gaining perfect physique the bodybuilders should maintain taking proper nutrition. When it is not possible to maintain or follow an effective diet chart it is best to use supplementary steroid product like PRI-10 NUTRITION GSL manufactured by GENSHI LABS. It is made of an absolute nutritious and fat-free substance Metenolone Acetate.


·         Mainly active in cutting functions to reduce body fats.

·         When following liquid diet it is useful as it provides all necessary nutrition so that lack of the nutritious properties cannot cause any damage to the body.

·         You can reach your goal weight even with little bit of workout while using this product.  


It is a steroid product remaining proper nutritious elements those help in providing the functions of nutrition in the body during heavy diet. The cutting cycles usually include maintaining low calorie diet and this product not only effects in reduction of unnecessary amount of fat but also useful for energy supplying.

How to use?

It is generally used by both female and male as per 500 mg per week. Males are required to use it by continuing 8- 12 weeks and females should use it 4-6 weeks even with a gap of 2 weeks after using it for 4 weeks continually.

Side effects:

·         For its extreme function in the bloodstream it affects in raising the blood pressure.

·         Other than that many usual conditions, during this cycle, like virilization effects, hair loss, increased libido, acne etc may happen to be normal side effects.

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