PRIMOBOLANE-S (30 x 10 mg) RP

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Pack: 30 x 10mg tabs
Substance: Metenolone Acetate



Reducing fat is one of the main requirements of the fitness seekers and bodybuilders. From many fat reducing supplementary products PRIMO-S (30 x 10 mgRP happens to be a perfect cutting supplement and steroid made of Metenolone Actate.


·         Effective during the cutting phases and used as excellent fat burning tool.

·         It melts the excessive body fat and helps getting back in shape.

·         Preserve muscle tissues so that the cutting cycle doesn’t cause any damage to bulking.


It is contained of anabolic and androgenic both effects, though the androgenic effects is comparatively low in the substance Metenolone Actate which is used to produce PRIMOBOLANE-S (30 x 10 mgRP. It functions in such way so that it doesn’t have any toxic effect in the liver.

Dosing information

Male users should not use more than 500mg per week and should use it for 8 to 12 weeks whereas female users are advised to take the same dose for 4 to 6 weeks maintaining a 2 weeks gap after a continuous use of 4 weeks.

Side Effects

·         Blood pressure rising due to extreme manipulation in the bloodstream.

·         Acne, hair loss, increased libido etc. are most genuine steroid side effects

·         In rare conditions virilization effects also can be experienced.

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