PRIMO-S (30 x 10 mg) GSL

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Pack: 30 x 10mg tabs
Substance: Metenolone Acetate



Most of the people those who are looking forward to reduce their fat, they often try for effective supplements. There are a lot of manufactures like Genshi Labs that produce PRIMO-S (30 x 10 mg) GSL which is a perfect cutting supplement and steroid goes by the usual name Metenolone Acetate.


·         Have a huge effect on cutting cycles as used as an excellent fat burner.

·         Helpful for gaining slim toned figure by melting the excess of fat.  

·         Using this product will be helpful in preserving the muscle tissues.

·         It is not highly androgenic and hence the virilization effects (imbalance of sex hormones) in it are very low. The women, for this, can enjoy the effects of this product without worrying about those complications.


It is a Dihydrotestosterone based steroid and has both anabolic and androgenic properties remained in the substance Metenolone Acetate. The properties in it are structured in such way that it gets mixed with the bloodstream without getting dissolved into it.

Dosing information

In case of using PRIMO-S (30 x 10 mg) GSL, a dosage of 500mg per week is restricted for male users and to be continued for 8 to 12 weeks. In case of females the same dosage is recommended for using 4-6 weeks with a 2 weeks gap after continuous use of 4 weeks.

Side Effects

·         High blood pressure

·         Other rare conditions like acne, mood change like aggression, and some menstrual problems, virilization, hair loss can be experienced though they can be easily eradicated. 

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