ANASTROZOLE (30 x 1 mg) RP

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Pack: 30 tabs X 1 mg
Substance: Anastrozole



In order to achieve beautiful physique many people in these days use steroids. Since these supplements enhance users’ estrogen level so people use Anastrozole (30 x 1mg) RP as a PCT supplement. It is a kind of anti estrogenic supplement.

Effects of Anastrozole (30 x 1mg) RP

To speak the truth, Anastrozole (30 x 1mg) RP by ROID PLUS is made of many powerful ingredients so it provides positive results to the users. It controls users’ estrogen level and prevents them from the estrogenic side effects. Furthermore, it enhances users’ testosterone and also used for treating breast cancer.

Features of Anastrozole (30 x 1mg) RP

This effective anti-estrogen is popularly known as Arimidex and the prime ingredient of this substance is Anastrozole. It is very useful for the women since it helps them to treat breast cancer.

Proper dosage

The recommended dosage of this supplement is 0.5 to 1 mg every other day in a week. But it is seen that professional bodybuilders use this supplement 1mg per day and they use this supplement up to 10 to 14 days.

Common side effects

Along with providing positive effects, this supplement also has many adverse impacts as well. People who use this substance on a daily basis face some health issues like knee pain, back pain, high blood pressure etc.

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