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Pack: 1x 2ml oil sachet (350mg/ml)
Substance: Trenbolone E.-Drostanolone E.-Testosterone E. Mix



It is known to all the users that a stack of steroids used by the users will provide them immense power and functionality of varied products. One of the powerful stacks in the market is LS-700 THERAPYOIL GSL that is manufactured by a legitimate company GENSHI LABS.

The positive impact on the users:

·      It is used as a powerful bulking or cutting element

·      Bodybuilders and athletes use it for maintaining their weight

·      Athletes use it for the amazing property of performance enhancement

·      The users gain lean and strong muscles

·      It burns down excess fat from the body

What are the characteristics of the product?

The most important feature of LS-700 THERAPYOIL GSL is it is a unique blend of three different but powerful components. It is a stack of Trenbolone E.-Drostanolone E.-Testosterone E. Mix. All these substances individually possess great benefits and significance.

Dosage for administration:

 It is recommended to consult a doctor or a practitioner for the appropriate dose. They have developed great knowledge about the components of the product.

What are the negative impacts on the users?

·      High blood pressure

·      Aggressive tendencies

·      Outburst of acne

Overdosing could be fatal to the health of the users.

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