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Pack: 1x 2ml oil sachet (75mg/ml)
Substance: Trenbolone Acetate



The number of users in the world using health supplements is increasing. Amongst them, one of the highly demanded products is TRA-150THERAPYOIL GSL which is manufactured by GENSHI LABS. This product has shown a tremendous effect on the health of the users.

The positive traits of the product on its users

·      The product is useful in repairing the muscle tissues

·      It provides great strength to the users

·      This enhances the insulin-like growth factor in the body

·      The user will get access to bulky muscles

The main functions of the product:

This product is a good supplement for the cutting phase and hence used by the bodybuilders and athletes. TRA-150 THERAPYOIL GSL contains Trenbolone Acetate as its main component. It helps in increasing the intensity of exercise by burning down calories from the body.

What is the right amount of dosage?

Some users believe that a 50mg dose taken every other day is satisfactory for bodybuilding. The dosage may vary depending on the cycle and stack therefore professional help is surely recommended.

The negative impact on the users

·      Excessive sweating

·      Lack of sleep

·      Decreased libido

·      Night sweats

The right proportion of dosage is prescribed by the expert.

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