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Pack: 1x 10ml vial (200mg/ml)
Substance: Trenbolone A.-Drostanolone P.-Testosterone P. Mix



For athletes and bodybuilders steroid stacking is nothing uncommon and this happens to provide the best performance enhancing benefits to the users. The mixture of Trenblone A.-Drostanolone P.-Testosterone P. is one of the best effective steroid supplements for the competitor sports men and bodybuilders. SHORT STACK (2000) OM is the popular name among the sports persons and they prefer to use this supplement manufactured by OXYDINE MUSKOLICS.


  • Used greatly as a cutting steroid and effective in reducing fat though it is effective in producing all the separate benefits of three steroid substances to the users.
  • From muscle mass building to strength providing all these are efficiently functioned in the body by this stack.


SHORT STACK (2000) OM comes in stacking supplement and consists of pure amount of Trenblone A, Drostanolone P, and Testosterone P. It strongly performs in normal body functions like development of the genitals, bones, puberty in men. This product has strong anabolic and androgenic effect present for te users. this is greatly accepted by many performance enhancing athletes and bodybuilders as well.


Appropriate dosing of SHORT STACK (2000) OM should be 150-450mg per day. Though sometimes taking 350-700mg every other day is highly recommended.

Side effects:

·         Oily skin, acne, increased growth of facial and body hair etc.

·         Male baldness, boosting aggression, blood clotting and high blood pressure etc.

These side effects can be easily controlled through proper dosing and safe using. 

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