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Pack: TAMOXIFEN 20 (30 x 20 mg)
Substance: Tamoxifen Citrate



Using PCT supplements is very necessary for the steroid users since these elements help them to overcome from the steroidal side effects. You must know that TAMOXIFEN 20 that is manufactured by MED-TR is a very effective PCT supplement.

Positive effects of TAMOXIFEN 20

TAMOXIFEN 20 is a very useful PCT supplement and it controls users’ estrogen level to prevent them from estrogenic side effects. At this present time, many women use this supplement for therapeutic purpose since it prevents them from breast cancer.

Characteristics of the substance:

This supplement is very powerful and it can control users’ estrogen level very easily. The priome ingredient of this supplement isTamoxifen Citrate and it is commonly known as Tamoxifen. It helps women to treat their breast cancer.

Dosage information

In order to achieve proper results, people should always use correct dosage of this PCT supplement. The correct dosage of this substsance is 10 to 20mg per day. But before using it people should consult with an expert.

Side effects of the substance

Normally, chemical supplements carry some side effects. This PCT supplement also carries some adverse impacts. For this reason, people should use this supplement after consulting with an expert since they can guide us properly.

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