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Substance: Testosterone Propionate



Are you looking for muscle enhancing properties for additional strength gain and perfect body definition? Then use the best testosteroneproducts and mostly esteriefied testosterone like Testosterone propionate which is an androgenic hormone and fastest compound among the testosterone esters. It is available in the market by various product names and you can also enjoy the positive effects of this substance through TESTO PROPIONATE 200 RP manufactured by ROID PLUS.

Effects of the substance:

·         This can stimulate the development and the function of the human body.

·         Burns excess amount of fat and enhance the prominence.

·          Increase muscle mass and strength of the body.

·           Decrease the probability of heart and coronary diseases.

Characteristics of this:

Testosterone Propionate is a popular androgenic agent and this is widely accepted in the bodybuilding community. This has an extensive application to treat anemia in men and best for the women who are victims of ineffectiveness of casual treatment. This compound is used in several pathological conditions that are accompanied by the enhanced dissolution of proteins. TESTO PROPIONATE 200 RPmanufactured by ROID PLUS is popular for this purpose. 

Dosage information:

50 to 100mg every 1st day and 50 to 100mg every 2nd  day. Every 3rd day should be absolutely minimum amount of the dosage because that's near the borderline of Propionate activity timespan. 

Side effects of this supplement:

·         Vomiting.

·         Headache.

·         Nausea and skin color change.

·         Decrease in sexual interest.

·         Oily skin, hair loss, acne may occur.

With proper administration process and applying the best quality steroids the user can avoid these negative health conditions certainly.

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