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Substance: Testosterone Undecanoate



Importance of body growth and quick gains is one of the factors in bodybuilding community and this is the reason for which bodybuilders use Testosterone supplements. Testosterone suspension is one such substance used for a whole body development. Manufacturers use this substance to use in their steroidal compounds and sell in the market. SCHERING-PLOUGH releases their Test S product by name of VIRIGEN.


·         Potential mass builder for which it is greatly acceptable among bodybuilders and athletes.

·         Best for off season use to reduce unwanted amount of fat which often an issue in the off season diet. It stimulates the metabolic rate and makes it easier to use the calorie in better functions.


·         This can enhance fat reduction and increase the ability to gain and maintain the lean muscle mass.


There is no ester attached in the substance of VIRIGEN and this indicates that you can gain the best effect of the pure testosterone hormone through this raw form of steroid. The substance is an absolute ester free synthetic testosterone formed compound which is sincerely suspended in water.


Recommended dose is 25-30mg per injection range which can be administered 2-3 times per week. 

Side effects:

High blood pressure, cholesterol issues, gynecomastia and other androgenic steroid effects like acne, hair loss, body hair growth etc. are most common side effects.

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